This autumn, from October to December, Network Rail is undertaking bridge/track widening works along the line between Whitchurch and Overton. See WHITCHURCH BUSINESS NEWS.

Local bridges affected:
For bridges at Newbury Road in Whitchurch, and Freefolk (Priory Lane and Watch Lane/Twinley Lane) the roads over bridges will be closed with local diversions.
The main Newbury Road bridge will have the most effect with diversions via the A34.

Meeting for businesses
A briefing by Network Rail, to receive comments and explain more detail, is to be held at the Gill Nethercott Centre at 1130 on Monday 11th July.
This is primarily for Councillors and representatives and is open to local businesses, who may be affected, for example for deliveries.

The Gill Nethercott Centre has good car parking adjacent.

Details of the arrangements as they affect the general public will follow.

Event Details

Date: July 1, 2011 at 12:00 am