The Whitchurch Branch of the Royal British Legion will commence the 2010 collection on 30th October and continue to 14th November.
Last year Whitchurch raised the magnificent amount of £5,223.92, a record amount for the town.


Thank you for your support, from the organiser:
Last year’s sum of £5,089.02 was raised by collection with the additional sum of £134.92 being the tax refunded by Gift Aid. On behalf of the branch I sincerely thank all those who contributed by way of donation, help, and not least by collecting door to door.
2009 was the first year Gift Aid Envelopes were distributed via the churches and door to door collections, enabling every pound donated by gift aid to increase by an additional twenty-eight pence.

How the Royal British Legion can help…
Each year brings additional needs by way of those ex-servicemen and women who served in the more recent conflicts, the Falkland’s, the first Iraq war and  areas of conflict that have never been reported by the press. During training service personnel can incur life long injuries leaving their families and dependants in need of assistance.   This is where the British Legion can step in to assist in the initial period of worry and concern.  Ultimately, aiding those in need to become independent and move on.  Likewise the Legion can offer support in the difficult later years of ex-service personnel, supporting their next of kin to find experienced help, nursing facilities and respite care.

Further challenges in fund raising...
Every year the task of raising funds raises further challenges.  A challenge that the members of the British Legion meet with loyalty and dedication.  None the less additional help is always required and welcomed. Last year’s success was helped by new collectors being assigned to their immediate neighbourhood in order that they did not feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Can you help this year?
Could you offer help this year by joining the dedicated team of collectors who give their valuable time and effort without complaint or a second thought?

The Lord Lieutenant of the Hampshire has made it known that youth groups and organizations should become more involved.  For further details please can the respective group leaders contact me either by telephone or by email in order that their organisation/ group can assist this worthy cause?

Christine Lynn
Official Whitchurch Organiser, Appeal Year 2010/11.

Event Details

Date: October 26, 2010 at 12:00 am