Clan Line steam train on a previous journey through Whitchurch (really) - click to enlarge.

The impressive VSOE (Venice Simplon Orient Express) passes through Whitchurch on an excursion from London to Bath and back.
The iconic cream and brown Pullman carriages each with individual names are being hauled by the Merchant Navy class steam loco, Clan Line.

Clan Line was built at Eastleigh and first entered service in 1948, and is presently in Brunswick Green livery.

Local timings are estimated as:

1037 dep Basingstoke
1109 arr Andover
1855 dep Andover
1920 arr Basingstoke

Please don’t blame the website team if anything changes!
Steam engines can be fickle and timings may change – and sometimes even the loco.

A cycle ride may be arranged to see the train somewhere along the line.


90 minutes after Clan Line passes through in the evening, another steam train follows:
See: Dorset Coast Express

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Date: September 8, 2013 at 12:00 am

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  • Graham Burgess

    Amazing, such power.

    One old gentleman who used to work on the Apsley Estate remembered sparks from the train’s chimney setting fire to corn.

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