JAPANESE BIKE PICNIC – noon-4pm, Sunday 18th August, Silk Mill Lawn

Mamachari Bikes of London has teamed up with Test Valley Cycling Club to bring you an afternoon of Japanese food, culture and cycling. Mamachari Bikes imports and sells refurbished used bicycles from Japan, and will have 20 or so on display and on sale. All bikes are fully serviced and come with a 3 month warranty, and every bike sold includes a donation to the Test Valley Cycling Club, to help us put on more events like this.

From noon you are free to bring a picnic, blanket and enjoy the Silk Mill lawn. There will be bikes to test ride and buy, and also a selection of Japanese arts and crafts to see and buy. We will have children’s games and Japanese snack food to buy.

So what’s a ‘mamachari’?

The answer is simple. It’s a type of bicycle used all over Japan by young and old, boys and girls, house wives and ‘salary men’ alike. They are designed to get you and your luggage – anything from a shopping bag to a briefcase to a child – from A to B. Functionality, reliability and practicality are king. All have mudguards?stand and a chaincase, most have a front dynamo light and a basket and many have rear carrier racks. You’re not going to win the Tour De France on it but will travel in comfort and style as you go about your daily routine.

How can a cheap used bike still be high quality?

Mamachari bikes are built to high quality standards – they have to be to get on the roads in Japan. As Japan is largely a maritime nation of apartment-dwellers the bikes need to resist the corrosive elements while being kept outside. Therefore the steel and alloys used are of high quality and while no bike is 100% rust-proof, mamacharis are built to last and look good as they age. These bikes are not made from heavy, cheap, low-quality steel such as those sold by supermarkets or low-end chain bikeshops in the UK.

All info, photos of the bikes on offer and typical prices can be found at http://www.testvalleycc.org.uk/Japanese-Bike-Picnic

Event Details

Date: August 2, 2013 at 12:00 am

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