This Thursday at 6pm sees the first Whitchurch Grasp The Nettle working bee – from 6 to 8pm, come along and help clear a footpath nearby. No training, no Health & Safety, no signing up, no insurance, no Hampshire County Council Hi-Viz tabards or other nonsense – just locals getting stuck in and making our town a nicer, less-Nettle-y place to live.

This will be every Thursday from 6-8pm, followed by a pint of something less-Nettley at a local establishment. Might even manage to find one to sponsor the ‘worker’s rewards’.

The first footpath to get The Treatment will be from the end of The Green / The bottom of Hillside, along the edge of the field leading toward Bere Mill.

Rules: (It just wouldn’t be English without some rules now, would it?)

1. Have Fun
2. Don’t hurt yourself or anyone else

Hopefully that’s all clear. Now unless you prefer to get your Nettle with bare hands, heavy gloves and long sleeves/trousers are highly recommended. Do please bring along any implements of Nettle death & destruction you like – scythes, hedge clippers, sickles, etc, etc. Referring to Rule 2, obviously be careful. Please don’t bring children unless they are going to help destroy Nettles as well.

If there’s time we can also attack the bits along the paths leading from The Green to the Primary School as well.

Please spread the word, the more people turn up the quicker / more we get done.
See you at 6pm, this Thursday, at the end of The Green.

Event Details

Date: June 11, 2013 at 12:00 am

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