On Sunday, September 1st between 11am and 3pm the very popular Hi-Tech Wild-Trek Bug Trailer will visit the Meadow again!

The trailer is equipped with microscopes, cameras and a projection system which helps you to see your pond-dipping catch: view the tiny creatures on a huge screen!

If the weather is too dry for the pond dipping you can investigate some of the insects in the grass instead. Don’t be put off by a rainy weather either, there will be some marquees. Useful tip: bring crocs for the children as they are very useful for messing around in the stream.  Nets are provided.

The trailer was extremely popular in the past both with children and adults alike! Why not bring your own picnic and spend the whole day at the Meadow? Funds for the event are kindly provided by the Co-Op.

Polite notice: this is not a drop-off event. You will have to supervise your own children – no doubt you’ll find out that it is lots of fun, too!

Event Details

Date: August 4, 2013 at 12:00 am

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