There will be 200 small plastic dinosaur figurines hidden on the meadow for children to find and keep! 100 dinosaurs will be hidden ready for Monday December 20th, and another 100 for Monday 27th December. Full details on the Whitchurch Meadow website: The Big Dinosaur Hunt

The nature of this planned event obviously means that plastic figurines will be hiding in bushes and behind foliage, so, would all dog owners please be extra vigilante that their pets do not chew on the toys and possibly hurt themselves and if your pet does find any dinosaur would you please rehide it for us! We must remind you that you are most welcome on the Meadow but that the Trustees cannot take responsibility for any injury sustained directly or indirectly by an adult, child or pet whilst walking and playing in the Meadow.

Event Details

Date: December 19, 2010 at 12:00 am
Tel: 893525