UPDATE: The cloud cover has meant that there will be no star gazing on the Meadow; but the talk in the Club will go ahead as planned.

Some years ago a hundred people of all ages  enjoyed an amazing experience as they gazed through super telescopes at the rings of Saturn.

On Sunday 29th January starting at 6.30pm on The Millennium Green (Meadow) adults and children will have access to very high quality telescopes and seeing Jupiter and its moons.

Shepherds Pie will be served in the Longmeadow Sports and Social Club afterwards and there will be a very informative talk.

If the sky is cloudy the talk will still take place and the Shepherds will still have their pie eaten.

The food is £5 and it may help if you book by ringing Roy or Mo on 07963159273

Also see the article about this event HERE.

Event Details

Date: January 5, 2012 at 12:00 am

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