The Sunday afternoon acoustic music session in this fine traditional pub starting at around 4.00pm and led by Keith Bell.

Whitchurch’s biggest stars…

A promotional posting appeared on a local online forum saying that:

‘some of Whitchurch’s biggest stars will get together to perform in a unique acoustic music event.’

This ‘media release’ from someone using a fishy pseudonym went on to state:

A spokesman for Whitchurch* said:
“This is an incredible coup for the town; a veritable plethora of talent performing a cornucopia of song, and all in the lounge bar of one of our locals! I can’t believe it’s actually going to happen!”
Well, you’d better believe it. Come and see what our spokesperson* is raving about.

* It is uncertain who this spokesman is although there are suspicions about his identity.
The town website is investigating, but welcomes any assistance.
If you can help please send any information, in confidence, to
There may be a substantial small Reward offered.

Meanwhile, if any musicians or singers would like to join in the event, they can just turn up and look for the man in a hat.
All kinds of music are played, rock, pop, folk, classical etc.
The only stipulation is that it’s acoustic. There’s no amplification and it’s not a jam session.

So you want to hear some decent music whilst enjoying a refreshing pint, get down the to Bell.

Event Details

Date: November 1, 2011 at 12:00 am

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