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Community Projects
As well as creating policies on housing development in Whitchurch the Neighbourhood Plan resulted in a list of preferred community projects ranging from swimming pool roof to better river access, from HGV reduction to better footpaths. There are many more.


In order to ‘take these forward’ there have been suggestions to Whitchurch Town Council that a group be formed as an ‘umbrella body’ to oversee these. Basingstoke Borough Cllr Dave George held two open meetings in the Parish Hall which presented this idea. He gave a report on those events to the Town Council at its last meeting.

However there may be other suggestions, for example other groups, organisations or individuals may wish to take up projects – or indeed there may be others that could be instigated.

Whitchurch Town Council is presently looking at this and has arranged a short WORKSHOP in order to gather some more feedback that will help it in its considerations. It is not a decision making meeting but one for collection of options and opinions.
Neither is it for detailed discussion of specific projects – it is about the process for managing them.

What is important is that all options are considered and that everyone has an opportunity to have input.

Tuesday 19th June in the Town Hall, 8.00pm to 9.15pm.

NOTE: It would be appreciated if those who would like to attend could provide notice in advance.
Email: or telephone 01256 892107.

In addition any written suggestions or thoughts would be most welcome.

The Town Council, all elected and unpaid volunteers, are committed to helping local residents. Our town’s setting, character, heritage and of course its people are what makes the community.
Please help us to help you.

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Date: June 19, 2018 at 8:00 pm This event has expired
Venue: Whitchurch Town Hall