Whitchurch Arts holds its annual get-together where it decides priorities for the forthcoming year – officially it’s the the AGM, but those words all-too-often have connotations of dry, unexciting meetings bogged down in rules, motions and other paraphernalia that some believe to be so important.

But not here…

Instead lively minds will meet together perhaps enjoy a drink or two, and take part in an evening of discussion and idea exchange, maybe bringing some creative items to chat over or some new thoughts for the future.

Time of start is 7.43pm – yes that’s right, 7.43pm, but don’t ask why!

The meeting is what people make it!

So while there will be a minimum of the boring stuff, bring along anything artistic – a poem, a drawing, some photography, a film or song, anything…
All are equally welcome. Amateurs, and professionals alike are all encompassed.
Anything can be creative “There are no boundaries”.
And if you don’t want to bring anything, it just doesn’t matter a jot – just enjoy the creativity.
After all, What is Art?

Whitchurch Arts:

A?FORUM to further
the PROGRESSION of all
forms in the

Event Details

Date: August 5, 2012 at 12:00 am

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