The Sports and Social Club, in association with Jukes Entertainments…

Proudly presents…

A Gentlemen’s Evening.

Starring Geoff Jukes with Ronni and Kirsty.

“We are proud to be probably the biggest suppliers of Gentlemen’s Evenings / Stag Shows to sports clubs, pubs & social clubs in the UK today. Using only the most stunningly beautiful young ladies & hilarious comedians, Jukes Entertainments Gentlemen’s Evenings are legendary!”


Tickets: £10.00
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Event Details

Date: July 16, 2013 at 12:00 am

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  • Penny Turner

    “GENTLEMEN” – I think not.
    Each to their own, but doesn’t anyone else think this is unwelcome in a nice place like Whitchurch. Makes me uncomfortable, and I’m hardly a blushing maiden.

    If sexism is acceptable, how about following up with a casual racism evening? – racists only, of course – one wouldn’t want to cause offence…

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