Improvements to the Whitchurch living environment have moved a step closer say supporters of the 20mph initiative, to be piloted in Whitchurch. Full details of the trial, supported by the Town Council and taken forward by Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker is soon to be available.

Drop in for a chat
Supporters are holding a Drop in at the Town Hall on SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER, 9.30-11.30am.

Is your road included?
Information on which areas of the town are presently being considered for inclusion will also be available (although HCC are still working on this).

Anyone who wishes to help in making Whitchurch become a safer more pleasant place to live and work can also contact WHITCHURCH 20mph for further details.

Many towns and villages throughout the UK are realising the changes this small step can make to their environment, as it can encourage more walking, cycling and considerate driving, which benefits everyone.
As well as reducing the risk of injury if a collision does occur it helps traffic flow, and makes journeys easier however they are made.

As Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity says:

  • Our kids deserve the chance to be free range, but you can’t blame a parent who doesn’t want to allow their child to play out the front of their house because of speeding traffic on our streets.

Living Streets the charity that represents pedestrians say:

  • Reducing traffic speeds on our streets is the single biggest measure that will make them safer, more vibrant and social places.


Event Details

Date: October 12, 2012 at 12:00 am

Comments (2)

  • Angry Man

    As soon as HCC have completed the map can it be published here or at the very least a link to the map on the HCC website, thanks


    Edit note: Anyone can publish material here. Hopefully HCC will provide information.

  • Mike Stead

    The map I saw was basically all of Whitchurch, from where the 60MPH zones end, with the only exception being Winchester road, where it was from the current 40 boundary. Then I heard our County Councillor had re-drawn the map so as to exclude the far end of Bell St past the old railway bridge, above Firsway on Newbury St, past the Prince Regent on London st and from Burnaby Stores on Winchester. So basically all the current problem high-speed (40MPH+)areas will be omitted, while the bits in the middle where parked cars currently do some speed calming are included. Good luck to families crossing at Station Road to get to nursery or the station, or to the Millennium Meadow, or from Lynch Hill Park to the Green. As HGV’s and cars do 35MPH+ past your kids, be grateful they saved that few crucial seconds.

    I think residents should have a say in the extent of the area. We are the ones who have to live with it and the consequences of a half-hearted attempt to calm speeds especially for non-residents just passing through.

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