A meeting arranged in support of introducing 20mph to a number of Whitchurch roads.

The County Council will soon be circulating Questionnaires regarding a pilot in the town and this meeting has been arranged by local residents to discuss and promote the benefits gained by lowering speeds.

It will focus on the environmental, social and safety benefits for all, whether pedestrian, driver or cyclist and on developing a group to take the initiative forward.

It is important to have community support.
Anyone who would like to provide support in any way or would like further information should email

Individuals, community groups, parents, schools, businesses are all invited to attend.
This is an opportunity to improve the town for everyone.
The Town Council has shown its support for the pilot, and presently over 8 million people in the UK now live in areas where 20mph has been or will be introduced.

Event Details

Date: September 28, 2012 at 12:00 am

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  • Bill Judge

    This publicly funded website should be less propagandist of the 20 mph proposal and should present the alternative views and statistics!!.


    Edit note:
    The website is owned by and available to the whole community.
    It is available for anyone to add content.
    See: How to add content.
    The website looks forward to receiving the “alternative views and statistics”.

  • Mick & Jackie Browne

    We personally support any move that improves safety for residents living in and around Whitchurch and 20mph seems a sensible and socially responsible first step towards achieving just that.

  • Tim Mills

    I’m still not clear on the extent of the proposal. Is HCC proposing a 20 limit across the whole of Whitchurch, or is it a more localised proposal?

    Ed.note: There is a meeting Wednesday evening at Town Hall that has some info about the scheme

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