Note: Submitted by a local resident (not directly from BT).


Below is the latest update from BT on progress in completing the Infinity broadband upgrade:


The new cabinet which is being installed which serves Freefolk Priors  is due to be complete in March.

  • Cabinet 8 is now complete and accepting orders
  • The work for PON2 and EO areas has now been completed but we have come across some data issues which would prevent customers from ordering, this is being fixed at the moment and we hope this will mean that customers in these areas will be able to order within the next few weeks.
  • Cabinet 7 is progressing well and we expect this to be complete by mid-March with customers being able to place orders a few weeks after completion.

We have also become aware that another cabinet has reached capacity which will prevent customers from placing orders – but this is a business as usual process and we are looking at extending capacity.