Click the logo to be taken to the online edition of the WDS.

The Whitchurch ‘Village’ Design Statement (WDS) is now available in an interactive, online website as well as in its original document format. The website is at: WHITCHURCH DESIGN STATEMENT.

The WDS illustrates the distinctive character of Whitchurch as seen by residents, and provides a set of guidelines that helps to preserve this character for future generations.

The WDS was adopted by B&DBC on July 22, 2004 as supplemental planning guidance and thus must be used when making or reviewing planning applications. The document can also be referred to when changes are proposed that may not require planning permission but will affect the appearance of the parish.

The online edition of the WDS also includes the supplemental material – the Evidence File – that was handed over to the Whitchurch Town Council. This material, for example, shows all the comments received from the public during consultations.

The WDS online edition is HERE.