Below is a short, 10-minute video of people travelling around our town centre one Saturday in October 2012 at lunchtime. There are people walking, cycling and driving.

Some people may be heading to the local shops and others just passing through.

There is a person up a ladder painting the White Hart; He has placed cones around the base of his ladder. This is near to the spot where there is car parking anyway, which causes people to queue up their cars before weaving their way up London Street.

About half-way through the video, a bus is seen picking up passengers on Newbury Street, which appears to hold up people travelling in their cars. It then has to wait for clearance in order to turn through the sharp bend in front of the White Hart onto London Street.

As the bus progresses along London Street, people coming in the opposite direction to the bus are seen driving their cars onto the pavement, head-on towards children. Several police officers are seen driving their cars through town, with one parking in the disabled parking bay outside the coffee shop.

The speed limit through town is currently 30mph.

Above it all, the white hart keeps a watchful eye!

Watch the video through, and please leave your comments to tell us what you think.

Video is on YouTube: Whitchurch Hants traffic survey – Town Centre – 2012-10-13