Road side promotion is Brilliant.

It a free way to promote an event, catching all those folk returning to /driving through Whitchurch each day. Most community events including those that take place in the Gill Nethercott Centre are promoted in such a way.  A great deal of people tell us that is how they spot an event.

So why then do the boards disappear? Over the 5 years the Gill Nethercott  Centre has been open we have lost 5 beautifully made advertising boards and quite a few solid wooden posts.  A little while ago, 4 roadside boards were put up telling people that Bitter Ruin are coming back to Whitchurch.  (22.9)

All gone. Either stolen or removed or just flung somewhere. Do people object to these signs? Do people think they are unsightly, that they look cluttered?  Is that why they are taken? At certain times there are quite a few competing for a small space, but not often. Sometimes out of date ones are not removed, which does look unsightly. Some are removed when the verges are cut, but if found they are replaced.

Can anybody shed light on this for me?  Do other organisations have their boards removed too? I would like to continue using the roadsides to promote events, but its a pain having to replace the boards, not to mention the cost.

Harriet Titcomb, Gill Nethercott Centre.