One of the campaigners for the faster broadband, Andrew Reeves-Hall, has written this article to summarise his experience with upgrading from ADSL (6Mbps download, 0.3Mbps upload) to the new BT Infinity product offering.

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BT Openreach engineers are seen installing the FTTC cabinet on London Street in this photo taken in March 2012.


Andrew Reeves-Hall, one of the campaigners for faster broadband in Whitchurch, Hampshire said, “As soon as BT offered Infinity in my street back in May 2012, I signed up.”

He continued,

“I received a letter giving a date of installation and a statement that the anticipated speed would be 19Mbps download and 2Mbps upload – a far cry from the amazing headline speeds highlighted to us by BT during the campaign at Christmas 2010, and shown on their sales website even today.”

Andrew continued,

“The first BT Openreach engineer was only able to obtain 10Mbps download and 0.9Mbps upload. After 6 or 7 more visits by different engineers – and much looking down holes in the street – over the next 3 months, the speed climbed to just under 15Mbps. BT said I lived too far away from the cabinet in London Street to get anything faster.”

Advertisement on the BT website for speeds available at Andrew's Whitchurch property in June 2012.


BT responded to Andrew with this explanation:

“We sent out a few engineers, network changes were made, we tried to move you to a nearer cabinet but this wasn’t possible. All equipment was changed and we had the line checked by an Openreach manager too. We’ve now confirmed that the line length being too long for the speeds to be low. (sic)”

Andrew concluded, “It would be fairer, I feel, if BT offered a range of pricing. Then, people that can’t physically obtain their headline speed would pay a reduced rate, proportional to what they can achieve. I am grateful to BT for their persistence in trying to improve my situation, but in the end that was not possible, unfortunately.”

BT OpenReach engineer shows the speed and characteristics of Andrew's line on 30 June 2012.

BT offered a discount to Andrew for his 18-month contract, in compensation for the slower than expected speed and the inconvenience of the repeated visits. Andrew accepted their offer.

FOOTNOTE: the speed that Andrew obtains today is still under 15Mbps for downloads, and under 1Mbps for uploads.

Andrew's BT Infinity FTTC speed as of today, 26 September 2012 at 9pm.