Well, they flew for the Queen over her house, and today they did it for Whitchurch!

Or, we can think they did.

The iconic Red Arrows flew directly over the town in their arrowhead formation at 2.10pm.
In low flight the sound was unmistakeable as they went right over the town centre.
The world renowned RAF Acrobatic Team flew from the south heading north.

We like to think the flypast was in special recognition of the fantastic events the town had put on over the Queen’s Jubilee holiday, from the fireworks and Rockus to the Pub Race and SkateFest Party.

As one local resident, with tongue firmly in cheek, said:
“Perhaps Her Majesty was feeling embarrassed that our QEII Park had been taken for a road, and felt sorry for us, so arranged a special display”.

One can dream!