A fascinating Nature Day is being held at the Gill Nethercott Centre on Saturday 12th May with talks, demonstrations, build-a-mini-beast, a film, and many other activities including the work of Hart Wildlife Rescue – and you will be able to see a rescued albino hedgehog.

But can you help?

Hart Wildlife Rescue are in desperate need of food donations for their youngsters especially Pedigree puppy & dog food for their rescued fox cubs.

‘Red Cross’ parcel donations containing any (or all items) would also be very gratefully received:

Wild bird seed & peanuts, wood shavings, straw, newspapers, cloths, washing up liquid, rubber gloves, brushes, buckets, dustpans, cat biscuits (not fish), tinned Supermeat cat food (white meat, not fish) & food bowls – ramekins & small flower pot saucers are ideal.

The Gill Nethercott Centre is happy to start receiving your donated items now, or they can be brought to the Centre on the day.

Details of event: TALES OF THE RIVERBANK