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Planning for Jubilee

The Jubilee weekend approaches and so much will be going on that you need to plan well ahead.

On the first day1st June the symbolic Fireworks Display on the Millennium Green, get there for 9.15pm on the Friday night. The bells will start with a special ringing  the eight bells that were here when the Princess visited Whitchurch.

The mayor has been invited to start the firework display which will be divided into six displays one of each ten years. Mostly diamond silver except if a child has been born a single blue or pink rocket will appear. Then a short period of darkness and then a special pealing of the church bells this time using the ten bells we have now.

Walk back into town to enjoy special menus.

Saturday 2nd June Travel back in Time from 10am in The Gill Nethercott Centre and see the many objects brought in by residents. Admission by donation suggested £5.00

Don’t forget the Sunday 6th May and your opportunity to help contribute to the Jubilee Exhibition. 

In the evening the very special film made locally (Director Graham Burgess, Creative Production Mark Harman) and telling so many interesting stories about our town. Entry will be by ticket only to the film £6.00.  

Sunday The Pub Race and Tuesday 5th June we want to have the biggest picnic ever held in Whitchurch on The Millennium Green supported by The Millennium Green and the Co-operative Community Fund. You will be able to buy the sort of food that was eaten at summer picnics a long time ago.  .