A special ‘on-wheels’ tour is being arranged to show our elected representatives issues that those who wish to cycle in the Whitchurch town have to contend with.

This is a unique opportunity to present concerns and suggestions to those who represent us.

What would encourage you to cycle or walk in the town more often and perhaps also reduce use of the car?
What safety concerns do you have?

Are they…
• Traffic speed?
• Congestion?
• HGVs and large vehicles?
• Road surfaces?
• Blind junctions?
• Bad driving?
• Emissions?
…or something else

Any views on this are most welcome.

If you are car driver please send your thoughts on how cyclists/pedestrians affect you in the town too.
Are their any specific problem areas and how could they be solved?

Following this exercise it is also hoped to run an occasional forum to look at road safety issues in the town.

Please send your comments (on cycling or walking) to:

Also see the article on cycling HERE