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Today details of the coverage of which of premises that will be able to receive Faster Broadband was announced.

At a specially convened meeting held today in Whitchurch, the core Faster Broadband campaign team learned of the latest news.

Andrew Reeves Hall, John Buckley and Mike Stead met with senior executives from the various sections of BT dealing with the installation to hear that 100% of town and the rural area will be able to receive Faster Broadband within the next few months. The phased roll out will begin by the end of January as and when the infrastructure becomes live.

The good news is that the aim is for every line within the ’89’ exchange area to have the opportunity to receive a faster service including the outlying hamlets.

There had been concerns that premises not attached to ‘cabinets and presently served off the Exchange, and those in the rural areas may have missed out, but the team was assured that that is not to be the case.

A more detailed report of the meeting will follow in due course.