Hampshire Police have been issuing some important advice for Hallowe’en.
Whilst the event can be a lot of fun, it does need to be remembered that it can also cause much distress especially to the elderly and the more vulnerable members of our community.
In particular Trick or Treating can be very worrying.

The police offer the following advice:

  • If you do not know who is calling at your house you do not need to open the door
  • Try to see who is at the door by looking through a spy hole or window before opening the door
  • If you have a chain on your door – keep this in place when opening the door
  • If you feel threatened in your home please contact police.

Posters for displaying in your door or windows asking for no callers can also be downloaded from the police site at NO TRICK OR TREAT

In addition the police have also circulated posters to local shops reminding shoppers that flour or eggs will not be sold to under 16s in the days leading up to Hallowe’en.